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Hand swifter:a real-time computer controlling system using hand gestures
In the last decade, the trends in Human-Computer Interaction have changed dramatically with the invention of new and emerging technologies and devices. Controlling computer without the traditional peripherals is one of that trends. Our system is a new step to reduce the use of conventional mouse and keyboard. The proposed approach is a real-time hand tracking process based on webcam to navigate a computer. With the help of Kalman filter mouse pointer flickering was reduced and gained a better accuracy and smoothness for mouse pointer movement. The system focuses on navigating computers, reading documents and controlling multimedia like videos, pictures etc. So, we designed our system for three different modes as, Navigation, Reading, and Multimedia mode. We implemented Leap Motion device for switching to different modes and developed different types of hand gestures as swiping and tilting hand. This approach can ensure user comforts and prevent ergonomic injuries. The developed system Hand Swifter - not only improves better computer using experience but also helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries caused by traditional input devices such as mouse and keyboard.
Mice, Navigation, Human computer interaction , Thumb, Real-time systems , Kalman filters
Shahed Anzarus Sabab ; Sadman Saumik Islam ; Mainul Hossain ; Mahbuba Shahreen
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4th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information and Communication Technology
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