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Exploring Significant Family Income Ranges of Career Decision Difficulties of Adolescents In Bangladesh Applying Regression Techniques
Career Decision Making is essential part of human life. Most of the people are thinking about this since adolescence. Therefore, we should analyze significant features about career decision difficulties of adolescents in Bangladesh. The goal of this work to explore the most affected class of adolescents about career decision difficulties considering family income ranges in Bangladesh. In this situation, we gathered several records of high school going adolescents at Faridganj, Chandpur, Bangladesh using career decision difficulties questionnaire which was proposed by I. Gati et. al. Hence, several regression algorithms were considered for experimental analysis based on the characteristics of our primary career decision difficulties dataset. After that, these algorithms were applied into career decision difficulties dataset of adolescents and explored the best regression algorithm based on experimental results from them. Then, our selected best algorithm was implemented throughout different datasets (split from primary dataset) and interpreted their findings. Finally, we observed that middle level family income ranges (10000-21000 BDT) of adolescents were faced more difficulties to take proper decision about career than others. This analysis is suggested as a complementary tool for further psychological treatment about career decisions.
Engineering profession, Regression tree analysis, Decision making, Correlation, Analytical models, Machine learning algorithms, Data models
Md. Shahriare Satu, Sharif Ahamed, Asive Chowdhury, Md Whaiduzzaman
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2nd International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Engineering, ECCE 2019
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