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Predicting career using data mining
Career goal specially choosing the appropriate career through monitoring of the scope and trends in computer science and engineering job dimension have been a prime need for all computer science undergraduate youngsters. It has always been essential for an early signal to help the developmental mindset. In this research work, we attempted exploring dynamic data set and apply data mining based methods to explore student's insights based on characteristics related to academic, technical and interpersonal factors. This research helped prediction of student's estimated career including student's strength and weakness. The accuracy of prediction actually lies with the set of relevant skill parameters, interpersonal and academic factors. The research also helped teachers identifying the students who need special attention and allowed the teacher to provide appropriate counselling as well as give them a proper guideline for selecting a specific job sector which leads a healthy collaboration between academia and industry. The model was tested and found performing well in constraint based learning environment.
Engineering profession, Data mining, Industries, Vegetation, Libraries, Computer science, Data models
Md. Yeasin Arafath, Mohd. Saifuzzaman, Sumaiya Ahmed, Syed Akhter Hossain
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2018 International Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies, GUCON 2018
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