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Review on frequency adjustment for power systems with grid connected wind farm
Continues expanding of wind power harnessing demands an effective control system to improve quality power delivered from wind turbine to grid. A stable power system fully depends on the synchronization that means matching of frequency between the source of power generation and existing power grid. The prime objective of a wind farm controller is to ensure effective operation of the wind farm in any wind speed condition. Frequency deviation between the wind system and grid can challenge the well-built operation of a power system and can imbalance the synchronization between wind farm and grid. The strategy of frequency adjustment is developing time to time which starts from using droop controller based Induction generator to converter based Double-fed Induction generator. This paper summarizes an analytical study on various frequency adjustment mechanisms for a grid-connected wind farm.
Wind turbines, Frequency control, Wind farms, Wind power generation, Rotors, Wind speed
Kanij Ahmad ; Nur Mohammad ; Muhammad Quamruzzaman
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1st International Conference on Robotics, Electrical and Signal Processing Techniques, ICREST 2019
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