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eExpense: A Smart Approach to Track Everyday Expense
Tracking regular expense is a key factor to maintain a budget. People often track expense using pen and paper method or take notes in a mobile phone or a computer. These processes of storing expense require further computations and processing for these data to be used as a trackable record. In this work, we are proposing an automated system named as eExpense to store and calculate these data. eExpnese is an application that runs on Android smartphones. By using this application, users can save their expense by simply scanning the bills or receipt copies. This application extracts the textual information from the receipts and saves the amount and description for further processing. It also monitors user's income by tracking the received SMS's from the user's saving accounts. By calculating income and expense it produces the user's balance in monthly and yearly basis. Overall, this is a smart automated solution for tracking expense.
Optical character recognition software, History, Smart phones, Character recognition, Calculators, Data mining, Cameras
Shahed Anzarus Sabab ; Sadman Saumik Islam ; Md. Jewel Rana ; Monir Hossain
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4th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information and Communication Technology, iCEEiCT 2018
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