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Proposing a Technique of a Low Cost Automatic Cooling and Exhaust System for Old Age Home Kitchen
This paper illustrates an automatic temperature control and exhaust system, specially designed for the kitchen. Microcontroller (AT mega 328p) is being used that operates the system with the help of temperature sensor LM35 and by using a temperature measurement code. Temperature measurement coding is done using Arduino software, loaded through Arduino UNO board into AT mega 328p. Finally, a 4channel relay module is used that works as a switch to turn on two different motors employed for two different purposes (temperature control and exhaust system). This system is specially designed for the kitchen of old age home with a mind of keeping the rate cheaper compared to other existing systems available in the market. Cost of the entire system has been analyzed in the paper and it is verified that the system is low-priced compared to other existing systems. So, this design can be used mainly in the kitchen as a low-cost cooling and exhaust device.
Temperature sensors, Temperature measurement, Relays, Exhaust systems, Fans
Mohammad Zeyad, Susmita Ghosh, Rakibul Islam, S.M. Masum Ahmed, Sheikh Raihana Shoshi
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Proceedings of 2019 3rd IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Technologies, ICECCT 2019
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