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Design Proposal of an Automatic Smart MultiInsect (Mosquito) Killing System
The aim of this work is to create an automatic and low-cost mosquito killing device which will help to save human life from mosquito bite which is responsible for creating non-invented medicine diseases. This paper illustrates an idea of simple but smart mosquito catching window system. Due to the electrocution between the mesh structures of the device, mosquitoes as well as insects will be instantly killed when they will try to make their way through the window. Compared to available mosquito killing bat in the market, this system will hold up very low voltage that is enough to kill mosquito and concurrently not harmful for human being. This process uses microcontroller, ATmega328p that receives data from the adapter and helps to measure the input current and voltage which is displayed in an LCD Display (16*2) by using a logic algorithm code. It also consists of a power supply unit which is mainly used to charge the battery. The controls are made by a mini switch and have one LED power indicator.
Microcontrollers, Insects, Batteries, High-voltage techniques, Liquid crystal displays, Transistors, Switching circuits
Mohammad Zeyad, Susmita Ghosh, MD. Rakibul Islam, S.M. Masum Ahmed, Prodip Biswas, Eftakhar Hossain
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Proceedings of 2019 3rd IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Technologies, ICECCT 2019
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