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A Smart Embedded System Model for the AC Automation with Temperature Prediction
A model of an automated temperature prediction on smart AC system for a room has been designed, developed and implemented with an embedded system. In a room, temperature of object (like human being) with the environment is detected, identified and analyzed, with an ideal temperature. Based on data, a mathematical formula can be derived and an algorithm has been formed by using the mathematical formula of the predicted temperature data and the values of the two sensors, where sensors are used for object temperature detection and the AC perform automatically turned on or turned off. Python programming language with its default library has been used to code for the successful implementation of the algorithm. This proposed embedded system can be implemented in any smart AC room where anyone can utilize the AC system automatically switched on/off with the predicted temperature. Exploit this embedded system in all over the places including for disabled peoples, personal room, conference room, hall room, classroom and transports, where manually control of Air conditioner is not feasible.
Automation, Temperature prediction, Embedded system, Smart AC, Thermal sensor, Raspberry pi zero, IR sensor, IR remote
F. M. Javed Mehedi Shamrat, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, Md. Farhad Alam, Md. Ismail Jabiullah, Razu Ahmed
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Communications in Computer and Information Science
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