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Windows Based Interactive Application to Replicate Artworks in Virtual Environment
This paper demonstrates a Windows based interactive application, which can be used for showcasing artworks in a virtual environment and can be a potential support for artists, curators, art gallery owners, art critics and academic researchers. In this demonstration, we described in details - how this application was developed with the help of a series of highly sophisticated software like- Autodesk 3ds Max, Unity and how it actually comes into action. Bunch of challenges that we faced during the development and implementation of this application - are also mentioned. The proper utilization of this interactive application will bring a significant change in the sector of arts. In addition, this work will add up a new dimension on the way of art appreciation.
Virtual art gallery, Interactive application, Windows based application, Multimedia for art industry, Replication of art works
Apurba Ghosh, Anindya Ghosh, Jia Uddin
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Communications in Computer and Information Science
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