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Assessment of phytochemical, cytotoxic, anthelmintic and thrombolytic activity of mikania micrantha leaves: a new addition in phytomedicine
The aim of the study was to find out the phytochemical evaluation, cytotoxic, anthelmintic & thrombolytic activity from the leaves of Mikania micrantha. Mikania micrantha(Asteraceae), commonly known as mile-a-minute weed is an extremely fast-growing, perennial creeping weed.To study for Phytochemical evaluation was determined through qualitative analysis. The cytotoxic activity was determined by using brine shrimp lethality bioassay. Anthelmintic activity by the study of paralysis and death time and was compared with albendazole as the reference standard, Thrombolytic activity by clot disruption. Phytochemical evaluation indicates the presence of chemical constituents including flavonoids, steroids, saponins & some amount of alkaloids & glycosides. In cytotoxicity assay, the LC50 values of the sample were(7.51) μl/ml where the LC50 values of the standard potassium dichromate were(124.13) μl/ml as a positive control. In the anthelmintic assay, there is no paralyzed and death worm through ethanol extract whereas standard albendazole showed paralyzed & dead worm. The extract shows (86.87) % for 200mg and (84.15) % for 100mg clot lytic whereas standard streptokinase shows (87.33) % for 30,000 I.U and (82.11)% for 15,000 I.U clot lytic activity in thrombolytic activity assay. This study shows that the ethanol extract of Mikania micranthahas some bioactivity but further compound isolation is necessary to confirm the activities of individual compounds.
Mikania micrantha, Cytotoxicity, Anthelmintic, Thrombolytic, Phytochemical evaluation.
Sabreena Chowdhury Raka, Sadia Afrin Mishu, Md. Mominur Rahman and Arifur Rahman
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