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Customer Participation, Value, Satisfaction, Trust and Loyalty: An Interactive and Collaborative Strategic Action
The paper is mainly accentuate on exploring the interactive and inter-relation strategic option that a firm can pull off competitiveness through the collaboration of customer participation, customer value, customer satisfaction, customer trust and unquestionably the optimization of customer loyalty. A simple random sampling method has used as an instrument for exploring the compelling and articulate result and the data analysis has employed confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling method to accumulate the concreteness and validation. It has observed that customer participation is positively make consequence over customer value and subsequently customer value makes affirmative impact on the customer satisfaction and customer trust very predominantly and that reflects positively over the customer loyalty as well.
Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Customer Participation, Customer Value, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Trust, Customer Loyalty
Md. Shakib Hossain, Rashedul Hasan, Sara Bintey Kabir, Nafisa Mahbub, Nurul Mohammad Zayed
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Academy of Strategic Management Journal
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