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Self-Assessed Health Status among Ethnic Elderly of Tea Garden Workers in Bangladesh
The proportion of elderly has been increased gradually over the past years and this has created many causes for concerns particularly in individual’s health status. Relatively little is known about health status of older ethnic group across the world. The study aims to explore the health status of ethnic elderly among Tea Garden workers in Bangladesh. A total of 229 elderly were interviewed from different tea gardens. Prevalence ratio and adjusted prevalence ratio were calculated using simple and multiple Poisson regression analysis. The study revealed that more than 90% of the elderly had suffered from multi-morbidity. Gender, age, family behavior, number of meals in a day, taking milk or milk products and taking sugar were highly associated factor to lead healthy life for elderly. Female and unemployed elderly were in more risk to suffer from multi-morbidity, illiterate were also a risk factor for multi-morbidity but effected by confounding factors. An elderly who rated himself as unhealthy was 1.75 times more risk in compare to healthy elderly. In addition, the ethnic elderly who were suffering from difficulties of seeing, getting up, standing, remembering and others disability were in more risk of suffering from multi-morbidity.
Multi-morbidity, Ethnic elderly, Self-rate health status
Md Kamrul Hossain, Kanis Fatama Ferdushi, Hafiz T. A. Khan
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Ageing International
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