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Factor Scoring and Machine Learning algorithm to Predict Student Counselling
Personal realization is one of the best things for a successful life. Sometimes, one needs help to realizeabout bad habits, career goals and accomplish mental health as well as to overcome other problems. This help is generally known as “Counselling”. To ensure effectiveness of counselling service, prime concern is to find out the target group of instances. Many researchers worked with student performance prediction based on academic attributes moreover students’counselling is also needed to increase their performance.We addressed this issue for this paper work.Here,a modelis proposed to predict a student who needs counselling. This study was mainly motivated by two main steps. The first was to investigate university students who feels an urge about having counselling for psychological help from their circumstances and second was to predict efficiently which group of students really needs counselling. This paper work was established with 498 instances and each comprised of 6 attributes. In the case of evaluate the result, paper shows superiority over state-of-the-art methods to predict student counselling through machine learning and factor scoring method. We applied 10 fold cross-validation and 66% dataset splits evaluation method to find out better algorithm among selected 5 algorithms which are Ibk, Naive Bayes, Multilayer, SMO and Random Forest. Weka 3.8.0 have been used for machine learningalgorithms where Ibk (Instance Based Learning) was found best for our approach with 95.38% accuracy.
Student Counselling, Factor Scoring, Machine Learning, Ibk, Weka
Nusrat Jahan, Saiful Islam, Rezwana Sultana
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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology
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