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An automated embedded detection and alarm system for preventing accidents of passengers vessel due to overweight
One of the prominent transport system in Bangladesh is rivers and seas. Vessel overloading is found in Bangladesh as the main cause of accidents on the rivers and seas. Therefore, there must be a role to play in ensuring passenger safety on the vessels. In Bangladesh, the researchers are more focusing on the data collection related to vessel overloading and sinking. However, there is a need to overcome vessel overloading. This paper design and develop an embedded automated system which able to identify overweight and detect the location of a vessel. The proposed system segregated into three modules such as, the Location Detection Module (LDM) always tracks the current location of the vessel for monitoring; the Overweight Detection Module (ODM) measure the exceed water level of the vessel to identify the overweight issue; the Notification Module (NM) is responsible for generating message service (SMS) to notify nearby coast guard to stop the vessel. The result shows the successful overweight detection, location tracking, and instant notification send up-to-the-10 seconds. It can be noted that our proposed prototype can be embedded with any type of vessels including passenger vessel, general cargo vessel, etc.
F. M. Javed Mehedi Shamrat, Zareen Tasnim, Zarrin Tasnim, Naimul Islam Nobel, Naimul Islam Nobel, Md. Razu Ahmed, Md. Razu Ahmed
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ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
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