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Efficient Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Harassment (Avoidance-Detection-Notification) Mobile Application for Unwanted Incidents
Kidnapping and harassment is not only a global issue but also a historic issue in Bangladesh. In between the years of 2010 and 2018, the total number of kidnapping events were found, 6708 (Avg. 745.33 events per year) in Bangladesh. The government is trying to capture and punish the kidnappers. But there are a few ways by which the victim can also notify the responsible persons about the unwanted incidents in real-time. This research proposes to design and develop an anti-kidnapping and anti-harassment mobile application that is consists of two modules, the Avoidance and the Detection modules. The Avoidance module notifies the user about some unsafe locations. The Detection module is further divided into four submodules, the Notification module, Sound module, Sensor module, and Spy module. The Notification module is activated by pressing the SOS key and the Sound module is activated by voice command. Both of these modules can send the current location of the user by sending SMS to some selected contact numbers. In the Voice module, the audio voice can be recorded for 15 seconds and saved in phone storage or cloud. The Sensor module uses accelerometer sensor and compass sensor. During unwanted circumstances, the accelerometer sensor is activated by shaking the phone three times and the compass sensor is activated by the movement of the user. The Notification module is tested by sending notifications in different areas in Bangladesh. It is found that the average response time of the notification module is 0.74 milliseconds. The complete application is tested by following the System Usability Scale (SUS) method. It is found that the SUS score of the system is 75.56 %, which indicates that the system is good enough to use.
Venture Capitalists, Investment Process, Evaluation, Decision-Making, Entrepreneur.
Md. Elias Hossain, Mostafijur Rahman, Khandker M Qaiduzzaman, Asif Khan Shakir, Md Maruf Hassan
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2019 IEEE Student Conference on Research and Development, SCOReD 2019
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