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Evaluation of proposed pH meter in determining the amount of soil supplement needed for IRRI-28
Soil pH is a key parameter for higher crop productivity. Soil pH is a proportion of hydronium particle (more ordinarily the H +) movement in the soil arrangement. Soil nutrient analysis is very important for a good harvest. On the off chance that the soil is in great condition it is extremely appropriate for a supportable harvest. We can rely upon the soil pH for a decent nutrient pointer. At the point when soil corrosiveness changes, the solvency of various metal particles additionally change. Plant development is extremely influenced by the changing centralization of these metals in arrangement instead of by the corrosiveness itself. The point in overseeing soil pH isn't to accomplish a specific pH esteem, however to modify the causticity to the point where there are no dangerous metals in arrangement and the accessibility of supplements is at its greatest. This condition is normally accomplished when the soil pH is somewhere in the range of 5.8 and 6.5, anyway a few plants have extraordinary corrosiveness necessities. We are proposing a system that measures the soil pH and inform the amount of fertilizer needed to its user. Our system measures the pH value of the soil which determine the nutrient elements present in the soil, as a result the users of our system can easily know the condition of their fields. They not only get to know the pH value but also the solution means the amount of fertilizer to be added in their fields for attaining the optimal pH suitable for better production.
agricultural engineering, agriculture, crops, fertilisers, pH, soil
Setu Basak, Joyonto Kumar Roy, Md. Rakybuzzaman Ratan, Syed Akhter Hossain
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