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Analysis of photovoltaic characteristics of carbon nanotube incorporated perovskite solar cell with CNT chirality variation
Perovskite solar cell with carbon nanotube (CNT) is the most current research interest in the field of photonics and renewable energy. Recently many researchers are trying to incorporate several types of CNTs in different layers of solar cell to enhance the efficiency. In this work the effect of CNT chirality for incorporating semiconductive CNT in active layer of perovskite solar cell is simulated to comprehend the optimization dependencies to attain better cell performance parameters. Also the efficiency of solar cell is increased for incorporating CNT in the active layer of solar cell. Single chiral semi-conductive single wall CNTs with diameter range from 0.28 nm to 1.04 nm as well as a cell structure is considered which consists of CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3 active layer and Spiro-MeOTAD hole transport layer. Open circuit voltage, short circuit current density and absorption coefficient are determined for CNT chirality variation. To calculate fill factor and power conversion efficiency equivalent circuit parameters are extracted. Maximum open circuit voltage and fill factor are determined as 1.33 V and 0.79 for (4,3) chirality respectively. Also short circuit current density up to 25.44 mA/cm2 and efficiency to 21.84% can be maximized for (6,4) CNT chirality. Finally it is perceived that by changing CNT chirality efficiency can be increased by a range of about 74.7%.
perovskite, solar cell, CNT, chirality
M. Nahid Reza, Sharif Mohammad Mominuzzaman
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2019 5th International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering, ICAEE 2019
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