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Bridging the Gap in HCI between Industry and Academia: A Perspective in Bangladesh
HCI currently a sonorous regulation which is wholly committed to the design of interactive systems that allow information flow between human and computer. Implementation and judgment are the other two major concern of HCI. Now a day's interest in improving communication between human and computer is an undisputed concern. Nevertheless, natural or flow less communication between the computer and human using artificial intelligence is also a concern, analogous to human-computer interaction. Notwithstanding there are still some gaps exists between theory and practice. But the castle in the air is there is some country who tries to improve the visibility of the HCI community. As opposed to the community of the software industry, still doesn't have much knowledge about HCI. Because there is no linking between the industry of software, and what they taught in undergraduate and postgraduate level. In this research, discover these phenomena is somewhat true for Bangladesh where we want to analyze what student taught and what software companies requirement when it comes to human-computer interaction. In this paper present some key activities of which are proposed to some directions in HCI for the bridging between industry and academia in Bangladesh.
HCI, Education, Academic, HCI Industry
Abdus Sattar, Nafim Khan, Md. Moheeuddin, Nasir Uddin Khan Shaon
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2019 10th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, ICCCNT 2019
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