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Stable Matching between House Owner and Tenant for Developing Countries
Choosing the best house to live in is very much challenging nowadays. Lifestyle is very dynamic, as well as the environment. People love to have a comfortable, healthy, secure and easy life. For all these basic requirements the need for an appropriate house is worthy of definition. Choices of people vary with another. So, to find out the choices by ranking for a tenant or house owner is a difficult job indeed. In this paper, an algorithm is proposed to rank the choices of a tenant or house owner by the preferences they desire. Preference set is granted on some basic requirements in a developing country (i.e. Bangladesh) such as location, rent, house space, etc. In the preference set, some are considered with higher priority than others. This priority is set by parameters based on people's basic desire expressed through a survey. A renowned algorithm, stable marriage by Gale-Shapley [1] is used here for the matching between the tenants and house owners. So that there will be no unstable tenant-owner pair.
Stable matching, Stable Marriage algorithm, One to one matching, Matching, House owner, Tenant, House rent, Landlord, Developing Country
Warda Ruheen Bristi, Fariha Chowdhury, Sadia Sharmin
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2019 10th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, ICCCNT 2019
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