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Enhancement of Global Bandwidth of Internet Users Employing Internet Exchange Point Leveraging VPN Technology
Not all internet service providers provide the same amount of bandwidth to their users. Based on bandwidth allocation, location and price service providers capped their users' bandwidth. As a result, we observe bandwidth limitation among the users. In this paper, we will implement a technique to bypass bandwidth and firewall restriction using virtual private network where we will use common IXP route to avoid the initial level of the bandwidth cap. In this project, we show that internet speed of international route i.e. global bandwidth can bypass, if there are multiple ISPs use a common IXP and at least one of those ISP provide robust global bandwidth. Usually, regional ISPs use common IXP to route their local traffic within the region. We utilize IXP to bypass global bandwidth cap of users who have better local bandwidth allocation. We show that using our proposed method global internet speed of a user can raise several times effectively.
IXP, VPN, BDIX, Global Bandwidth, Local Bandwidth, ISP
Al- Nahian Bin Emran, Aman Ullah Juman, Gazi Zahirul Islam
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1st International Conference on Advances in Science, Engineering and Robotics Technology 2019, ICASERT 2019
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