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Merging the communication protocols 6LoWPAN-CoAP and RPL-CoAP: Simulation and performance analysis using Cooja simulator
IoT can prolong the internet communication to heterogeneous types of objects those are used within embedded technology to join with the surrounding through the active support of internet technology. The exploration and application of the Internet of things technology is certain to quicken the industrial promotion and revolution, at the same time, to securely promote the growth of the national economy, to constantly improve the comprehensive national power. A number of research works is going on these IoT nodes which consume limited resources and the development of communication protocols can be considered as the vital one. This paper is concentrated on finding out the best protocol for communication between IOT nodes after merging these three protocols RPL, CoAP and 6LoWPAN depending on different criteria and, therefore, the study can be useful in personal and home application, healthcare, utilities and services, enterprise application and industrial automation. Based on the results, it can be stated that the combination of RPL and CoAP performs better than the combination of 6LoWPAN and CoAP in terms of received packets for varying number of nodes, simulation time and communication range.
CoAP, Cooja, IoT, RPL, 6LoWPAN
Arif Mahmud, Faria Hossain, Faija Juhin, Tasnim Ara Choity
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1st International Conference on Advances in Science, Engineering and Robotics Technology 2019, ICASERT 2019
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