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DOORMOR: A Functional Prototype of a Manual Search and Rescue Robot
In this paper, we have discussed about DOORMOR - a standalone, fully functional search and rescue robot prototype which can come to aid for humans in many cases. With the help of Wi-Fi technology, this robot can be controlled within up to hundred meters. It can search for alive human bodies underneath a pile of debris, clear out debris and other obstacles, stream live video of the surrounding environment wirelessly and assist people in search and rescue operations. In this paper, we have tried to give a brief idea about DOORMOR, it's architecture, facts and features, used components and techniques used to build up the whole robot.
Bot, Live Video Streaming, Control Application, Living Body Search, Debris Clearance, Microcontroller, PIR Sensor
Fahim Faisal, Syed Akhter Hossain
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1st International Conference on Robotics, Electrical and Signal Processing Techniques, ICREST 2019
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