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An approach to building energy clusters using particle swarm optimization algorithm for allocating the tasks in computational grid
The proper mapping in case of allocation of available tasks among particles is a challenging job to accomplish. It requires proper procedural approach and effectual algorithm or strategy. The deterministic polynomial time for task allocation problem is relative. The existence of proper and exact approach for allocation problem is void. However, for the survival of the grid and executing the assigned tasks, the reserved tasks need to be allocated equally among the particles of the grid space. At the same time, the applied model for task allocation must not consume unnecessary time and memory. We applied Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for allocating the task. Additionally, the particles will be divided into three clusters based on their energy level. Each cluster will have its own cluster header. Cluster headers will be used to search the task into space. In a single cluster, particles member will be of same energy level status such as full energy, half energy, and no energy level. As a result, the system will use the limited time for searching task for the remaining tasks in it if a particular task requires allocating half task to a particle.
Energy Cluster, Energy Cluster Header, Computational Grid, Particle Swarm, Optimization
Rashedul Islam, Md Nasim Akhtar, Badlishah R Ahmad, Utpal Kanti Das, Mostafijur Rahman, Zahereel Ishwar Abdul Khalib
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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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