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Studies on the Effect of Low Glycemic Index for Multi-Whole Grain Formulated Flour Samples in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Different types of corns are used as staple food in Bangladesh, core source of nutrients from food stuffs for metabolic energy. Ready to eat or processed food stuffs that contains totally different macro and micronutrients such as Tocopherol , Thiamine , Riboflavin , Pyroxene, Mg and Zn etc. within the recipes for sample preparation, were incorporated different whole grains of wheat, wheat bran, rye, maize, soya, barley, chickpeas and plantain husk in numerous ratios. Developed flours were subjected to nutritionally active diet for diabetic patients, the extent of glucose when consumption of diets could be an essential issue. Protein, fat, crude fiber and energy values of developed multi grains combined and market flours were MFS- 1: (11.00%, 3.77%, 2.69%, 387.25); MFS- 2:(14.16%, 3.71%,3.21%, 385.73); MFS-3:(12.40%, 3.33%, 2.87%,385.24);MFS- 4: (11.31%, 2.16%, 2.45%, 382.83) and market flour samples CS-A: (12.04%, 2.05%,1.64%,358.37) and CS-B:(14.90%,2.06%,1.46%,350.82) respectively. Amongst, MFS- 3 sample resulted the preferences in hedonic sensory evaluation. Glycemic index (GI) resolved mistreatment normal methodology for MFS-3 and normal sugar. The GI worth of MFS- 3 sample (46.86) showed lowest postprandial aldohexose like compared to plain. once the analysis of all four mixed recipes compared to market samples, it showed that MFS- 3sample possessed the simplest preferences because the different useful diet for type- 2 diabetic patients. Aims of the analysis works were recipe preparation of samples, product acceptances and determination of Glycemic Index (GI) for four mixed multi-wholegrain flours compared with 2 market multi-grain flours within the market.
Diabetic -2; Glycemic Index; Multi Whole Grain Flour; Recipe and Fiber; Sensory Evaluation
B Hossain, S Inam, M A Mamun, M Suzauddula
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Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science
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