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Investigation of highly birefringent and highly nonlinear Hexa Sectored PCF with low confinement loss
A novel design of Hexa Sectored Photonic Crystal Fiber (HS-PCF) with high nonlinearity and high birefringence has been revealed in this paper where core is slotted and filled with Gallium Phosphide (GaP). Finite Element Method has been used for numerical investigation of the proposed PCF along with finer mesh. Different optical parameters like nonlinearity, effective area, power fraction, birefringence, confinement loss and Numerical Aperture (NA) have been explored by proper tuning of Geometrical variables. The investigation shows that, proposed PCF exhibits high nonlinearity of 9.47 × 104 W−1Km−1 at the operating wavelength of 1.4 µm along with high birefringence of 0.259, Numerical aperture of 0.8774 and very low confinement loss of 5.78 × 10−9 dB/m at the optical wavelength of 2.0 µm. Therefore, it is expected that this proposed PCF could be a strong candidate in biomedical imaging, super continuum generation and sensing applications considering polarized light.
Photonic crystal fiber, Birefringence, Low confinement loss, Nonlinearity, GaP strips, Slotted core
Md Toaha Anas, Sayed Asaduzzaman, Kawsar Ahmed, Touhid Bhuiyan
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Results in Physics
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