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Prediction of whiteness index of cotton using bleaching process variables by fuzzy inference system
A fuzzy prediction model has been built based on hydrogen peroxide concentration, temperature and time of bleaching as the input variables and knitted fabric whiteness index as the output variable. The process parameters affecting the whiteness index of cotton knitted fabrics are very non-linear. Fuzzy inference system is a prospective modeling tool as it can map effectively in nonlinear domain with minimum investigational data. Triangular-shaped membership functions were considered for the variables and total 48 rules were created in this study. It was found that the sole effect of the concentration of hydrogen peroxide on whiteness is pretty low, but is affected by temperature noticeably even in a fixed concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The model proposed in the present study has been verified by additional experimental data set. The root mean square, mean absolute error percentage and coefficient of determination (R 2 ) between the predicted and experimental values were found to be 0.536, 0.798 and 0.959 respectively. The results validate that the model can be applied suitably for the prediction of fabric whiteness index in textile industries.
Whiteness index, Prediction, Fuzzy logic, Knitted fabric, Bleaching Cotton
Abu Naser, Md. Ahsanul Haque, Shamima Akter Smriti, Manwar Hussain, Nawshin Farzana, Fahmida Siddiqa, Md. Azharul Islam
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Fashion and Textiles
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