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Electrostatic Solitary Pulses in a Dusty Electronegative Magnetoplasma
The nonlinear characteristics of dust-electron-acoustic (DEA) waves in a dusty electronegative magnetoplasma system consisting of nonextensive hot electrons, inertial cold electrons, positively charged static ions, and negatively charged immobile dust grains has been investigated. In this observation, the well-known reductive perturbation technique is employed to determine different types of nonlinear dynamical equations, namely, magnetized Korteweg–de Vries (KdV), magnetized modified KdV (mKdV), and magnetized Gardner equations. The stationary solitary wave and double layer solution of these three equations, which describe the characteristics of solitary waves and double layers of DEA waves, are obtained and numerically analyzed. It is noticed that various plasma parameters (viz., hot electron nonextensivity, positive ion-to-cold electron number density ratio, dust-to-cold electron number density ratio, etc.) significantly affect the basic properties of DEA solitary waves (DEASWs) and Gardner solitons (GSs). The prodigious results found from this theoretical investigation may be useful for researchers to investigate the nonlinear structures in various space and laboratory plasmas.
S. Banik, M. Amina, S. A. Ema, M. R. Hossen, A. A. Mamun
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Plasma Physics Reports
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