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Distributed Database Problems, Approaches and Solutions — A Study
The distributed database system is the combination of two fully divergent approaches to data processing: database systems and computer network to deliver transparency of distributed and replicated data. The key determination of this paper is to achieve data integration and data distribution transparency, study and recognize the problems and approaches of the distributed database system. The distributed database is evolving technology to store and retrieve data from several location or sites with maintaining the dependability and obtainability of the data. In the paper we learn numerous problems in distributed database concurrency switch, design, transaction management problem etc. Distributed database allows to end worker to store and retrieve data anywhere in the network where database is located, during storing and accessing any data from distributed database through computer network faces numerous difficulties happens e.g. deadlock, concurrency and data allocation using fragmentation, clustering with multiple or single nodes, replication to overcome these difficulties it is essential to design the distributed database sensibly way.
DDBMS, network, DDBMS rules, problems, approaches, PCDM, SCDM, DDA
Md. Shohel Rana, Mohammad Khaled Sohel, and Md. Shohel Arma
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International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing
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