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Modulational Instability and Generation of Envelope Solitons in Four Component Space Plasmas
A four component space plasma system (consisting of immobile positive ions, inertial cold positrons as well as hot electrons and positrons following Cairns' nonthermal distribution function is considered. The nonlinear propagation of the positron-acoustic (PA) waves, in which the inertia (restoring force) is provided by the cold positron species (nonthermal pressure of both hot electron and positron species) has been theoretically investigated by deriving the nonlinear Schr\"odinger (NLS) equation. It is found from the numerical analysis of this NLS equation that the space plasma system under consideration supports the existence of both dark and bright envelope solitons associated with PA waves, and that the dark (bright) envelope solitons are modulationally stable (unstable). It is also observed that the basic properties (viz. stable regime and unstable regime with growth rate) of the PA envelope solitions are significantly modified by related plasma parameters (viz. number densities and temperature of plasma species), which correspond to different realistic space plasma situations.
N A Chowdhury, A. Mannan, Md Rasel Hossen, A. A. Mamun
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Contributions to Plasma Physics
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