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Nanoscale GaP strips based photonic crystal fiber with high nonlinearity and high numerical aperture for laser applications
A novel design of circular hybrid photonic crystal fiber (CH-PCF) with highly nonlinearity and high numerical aperture (NA) is introduced in this paper. The numerical simulation results are obtained by employing the finite element method (FEM) and selecting finer mesh. The investigated parameters are nonlinearity, effective area, scattering loss, power fraction and NA for the two fundamental polarized modes. Significant improvement of PCFs in terms of the non-linearity and numerical aperture are demonstrated by carefully investigation of the structure geometrical parameter. The reported design has high nonlinearity of 62448.64 W−1 km−1 and 63435.74 W−1 km−1 at the operating wavelength of 1.00 μm along with numerical aperture of 0.783 and 0.784 at the operating wavelength of 2.00 μm for both fundamental x-polarization mode and for y-polarization mode, respectively. So, the obtained extraordinary outcomes make the proposed PCF a strong candidate in super continuum generation and biomedical imaging applications.
Photonic crystal fiber, Nonlinearity, Numerical aperture, Scattering loss, Power fraction
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Results in Physics
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