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Application and Criminalization of the Artificial Intelligence in Business: Recommendation to Counter the Regulatory Challenges
Arif Mahmud,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a significant role in our social and daily life for technological development. The efficient integration of AI into business organizations or firms is improving performance and efficiency on a significant scale. Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is assisting criminal activities or committing crimes through autonomous activity related to business, e-commerce, and market manipulation. AI could be used to aid criminal activity or, in certain situations, a mistake has resulted in criminal activity and most of the fields lack strong legislative safeguards due to the regulatory challenges imposed by the special nature of AI-Crime (AIC). The paper has examined the application and criminalization of AI in business and firm management. As we will have to strengthen the legislation for managing, preventing, and punishing AI-based business-related crimes, the last segment of the paper has suggested recommendations to counter the regulatory challenges.

Artificial intelligence (AI), application of AI in Business, criminalization of AI in business, artificial intelligence regulatory challenges, artificial intelligence regulation
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Journal of Applied Security Research
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