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Estimated prevalence of physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour among adults in Bangladesh: nationally representative STEPS survey, 2018
, S. M. Mahmudul Hasan,


Numerous available studies used to prepare the guidelines for preventing physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour are mostly compatible with high-income countries. The guidelines are scarce for low- and middle-income countries, including Bangladesh. Thus, the prevalence of current levels of physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour needed to be determined to produce effective policies and an intervention strategy for Bangladeshi adults.


This cross-sectional study selected adults using the multi-stage cluster sampling method. A representative sample of 8185 adults aged from 18 to 69 years participated. Physical inactivity levels and sedentary behaviour were assessed using the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire.


This study reports baseline information on the physical inactivity level and sedentary behaviour among adults in Bangladesh. Overall, the prevalence of physical inactivity was highest in recreation-related activity (90.5%), followed by vigorous activity (67.5%), transport-related activity (44.7%) and work-related activity (19.9%). Insufficient physical activity at work was significant for all sociodemographic indicators. Adults with significantly high school education, women and the employed were proportionally more prone to sedentary behaviour.


Five out of ten adults (56%) did not meet the WHO recommended level of physical activity. Adequate public health measures should be addressed considering the different forms of physical inactivity."

Keywords: Physical inactivitysedentary behavioursufficiently active groupprevalenceGPAQadultsWHO
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European Journal of Physiotherapy
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