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Dm-Health App: Diabetes Diagnosis Using Machine Learning with Smartphone
Elias Hossain,

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most severe diseases, and many studies have been conducted to anticipate diabetes. This research aimed to develop an intelligent mobile application based on machine learning to determine the diabetic, pre-diabetic, or non-diabetic without the assistance of any physician or medical tests. This study's methodology was classified into two the Diabetes Prediction Approach and the Proposed System Architecture Design. The Diabetes Prediction Approach uses a novel approach, Light Gradient Boosting Machine (LightGBM), to ensure a faster diagnosis. The Proposed System Architecture Design has been combined into seven modules; the Answering Question Module is a natural language processing Chabot that can answer all kinds of questions related to diabetes. The Doctor Consultation Module ensures free treatment related to diabetes. In this research, 90% accuracy was obtained by performing K-fold cross-validation on top of the K nearest neighbor's algorithm (KNN) & LightGBM. To evaluate the model's performance, Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) Curve and Area under the ROC Curve (AUC) were applied with a value of 0.948 and 0.936, respectively. This manuscript presents some exploratory data analysis, including a correlation matrix and survey report. Moreover, the proposed solution can be adjustable in the daily activities of a diabetic patient

Machine learning; diabetes-prediction; support vector machine (SVM); LightGBM; eHealth; ROC-AUC
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Computers, Materials and Continua
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