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A comprehensive guava leaves and fruits dataset for guava disease recognition
, Bonna Akter , Rashiduzzaman Shakil,

Guava (Psidium guajava) is a delicious fruit native to Mexico, Central or South America, and the Caribbean region. It's high in vitamin C, Calcium, Pectins and is a good source of fiber. Due to concerns with natural and environmental resources, technical issues, and other impediments, the production level decreases day-to-day. However, we'll concentrate on the most critical challenges, such as infections that affect guava plants, fruits, and disease outbreak prevention through early identification. Besides, the early recognition of guava disease using the expert system will lead to higher yields that will eventually help guava farmers reduce their economic losses. In the recent era, image processing and computer vision have been broadly applied to recognize multiple diseases that are not identified with the naked eyes. This article presents a dataset of guava images containing both leaves and fruit images (diseases affected and disease-free) are classified into six classes: for guava fruits-Phytophthora, Scab, Styler end Rot, and Disease-free fruit, and for guava leaves-Red Rust, and diseases-free leave. All images are basically captured from the guava garden located at Bangladesh Agricultural University in July when the guava fruits are almost ripened, and the infections are found in guava plants. This dataset is mainly for those researchers who work with computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning to develop a system that recognizes the guava disease to assist guava farmers in their cultivation.

Guava disease Recognition Machine learning Deep learning
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