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A Sustainable Approach Between Satellite and Traditional Broadband Transmission Technologies Based on Green IT
, Professor Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, PhD,

Although satellite internet has low performance in the case of data transmission compared to traditional internet services such as broadband internet networks and cellular networks, it may have a low environmental impact as well. Traditional internet services are located on earth so the latency is fairly high. However, if the environmental impact is the only consideration, satellite internet may be a viable option. This research paper tries to analyze this aspect of the internet. Based on green IT which internet service can provide the best and if there is a way to make internet services more efficient? This paper aims to provide as much information regarding this and provide a solution to this. In this paper, a thorough investigation has been conducted to include direct or indirect environmental impact, power consumption, greenhouse emission, building material, etc. A comparative analysis shows if satellite internet can negate the environmental impact of traditional internet services. Based on the study, solutions have been provided for traditional internet services using real-time simulation and machine learning algorithms. The simulation of cabling gives a significant reduction in cable use and the implemented machine learning algorithms in routing devices yield a 30% energy consumption reduction and an almost 25% GHG reduction per month. This paper contributes to the overall process to make the internet greener. This paper can especially help decide which internet service is based on environmental friendliness. This paper can also help internet service providers to reduce costs in connectivity.

"Environmental impact Space environment Terrestrial environment Green IT Satellite Broadband Cellular network Greenhouse emission Power consumption Machine learning"
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