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Flowery ln2MnSe4 Novel Electrocatalyst Developed via Anion Exchange Strategy for Efficient Water Splitting
, Mayeen Uddin Khandaker,

Oxygen and hydrogen generated by water electrolysis may be utilized as a clean chemical fuel with high gravimetric energy density and energy conversion efficiency. The hydrogen fuel will be the alternative to traditional fossil fuels in the future, which are near to exhaustion and cause pollution. In the present study, flowery-shaped In2MnSe4 nanoelectrocatalyst is fabricated by anion exchange reaction directly grown on nickel foam (NF) in 1.0 M KOH medium for oxygen evolution reaction (OER). The physiochemical and electrical characterization techniques are used to investigate the chemical structure, morphology, and electrical properties of the In2MnSe4 material. The electrochemical result indicates that synthesized material exhibits a smaller value of Tafel slope (86 mV/dec), lower overpotential (259 mV), and high stability for 37 h with small deterioration in the current density for a long time. Hence, the fabricated material responds with an extraordinary performance for the OER process and for many other applications in the future.

In2MnSe4, flower shape, anion exchange method, electrocatalyst, water splitting
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