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Amelioration of salinity induced damage in plants by selenium application: A review
, Khalid Rehman Hakeem,

Salt stress restricts the efficiency of plants grown under such conditions, prompting generous losses of yield, it is a severe environmental impediment that prevents the normal functioning of plants. A broad scope of modifications in development is incited by excess salt. It triggers osmotic, ionic, oxidative stress, and a torrent in the formation of ROS. A better comprehension of the mechanisms mediating salt stress mitigation will assist researchers with structuring approaches to improve crop performance under hostile natural conditions. Various compounds have been experimented with to upgrade the resilience of the plant towards salt stress. Selenium (Se) is one such candidate. Se plays significant roles, as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant. It improves photosynthesis, ion homeostasis, and activates a progression of downstream signals that help in the alleviation of stress. It prompts flexibility against salt stress. Understanding the overall impact of Se like Se take-up, transport, and movement and how it influences different plant procedures will offer another chance to build up the salt resistance of plants. In this study, we review recent literature and summarize the regulatory roles of Se. Improved information on salt stress and its alleviation by Se can be utilized to get better yield under salt stress. The study related to Se in providing resistance under salt stress is limited. This review adds more to the comprehension of Se-interceded improvements in plant advancement under salt stress.

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South African Journal of Botany
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