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Hexa-sectored square photonic crystal fiber for blood serum and plasma sensing with ultralow confinement loss
Sayed Asaduzzaman, Hasin Rehana,

This study suggested a novel hexa-sectored square photonic crystal fiber (HS-SPCF) for blood serum and blood plasma sensing. The proposed HS-SPCF depicts an eminent sensitivity of blood plasma 66.7% and blood serum73.4% with ultralow low confinement loss 1.55 × 10–12 and 10.55 × 10–12 at the wavelength of 1.33 µm for blood plasma and serum. The operating wavelength to measure the optical properties using FEM was 0.6–1.6 µm. The proposed HS-SPCF showed ameliorating performance in confinement loss and relative sensitivity than the previous structures for blood components sensing. In addition, other optical characteristics like high birefringence of 2.6 × 10–3 and 2.6 × 10–3, lower EML of 0.21247 (cm−1) and 0.2170 (cm−1), effective area of 6.1 µm2 and 6.4 µm2, nonlinearity of 21.1(W−1 km−1) and 19.6 (W−1 km−1), numerical aperture (NA) of 0.286 and 0.281 has been achieved for proposed PCF at the wavelength of 1.33 µm. The proposed PCF will be used for biosensing or blood-sensing purposes and a broad diversity of chemical sensing functions.

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Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
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