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Determinants of Pro-Environmental Behaviour in the Workplace
, Ramayah Thurasamy,
The primary notion of sustainable development is to maintain a promising future for the planet and the next generation by raising the awareness of sustainable development of people around the world. This study seeks to foster and enhance more sustainable behaviour in households, workplaces, schools, and higher educational institutions; previous research has placed increasing attention on the identification of factors of pro-environmental behaviour. Accordingly, this study aims to examine the elements influencing the pro-environmental behaviour of employees in the workplace. A survey was performed from January to February 2020 on 150 public employees of an organisation in Terengganu. Out of 150 employees, only 84 participated and had their responses collected by using convenience sampling. Smart PLS-SEM was used in analysing the relationships between the variables. The result of this study found that green lifestyles have a significant positive effect on pro-environmental behaviour. However, the impacts of environmental commitment, environmental consciousness, green self-efficacy, and green human resource management were insignificant. This study provides data that were developed using a cross-sectional design; the assessment of causality among the constructs was a risky process. Furthermore, the study collected data from a single source, namely the employees, which would enhance the relationships through common method bias. The findings of this study also offered several managerial implications for green organisations. View Full-Text

environmental commitment; environmental consciousness; green lifestyles; green self-efficacy; green human resource management; pro-environmental behaviour
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Sustainability (Switzerland)
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