In this research, a novel wheel-shaped hexa sectored photonic crystal fiber (PCF) with an elliptical hole at the center of the core has been proposed as a soybean biodiesel sensor. The finite element method (FEM) method and perfectly matched layer (PML) have been used for the analysis of the proposed sensor. The designed PCF is suitable to operate through a wide operating frequency from 0.5 to 2 THz. The mainstay of the numerical investigations is significantly based on the concentration of soybean biodiesel, the ellipticity of the core and the change of temperature as well. The proposed hexa-wheel PCF sensor shows a high relative sensitivity of 89.03%, lower confinement loss of 2.3 × 10−10, high birefringence of 3.5 × 10−4 (dB/m) and low material loss (EML) of 0.207 cm−1. The presented sensor is very simple and easy to fabricate. In this regard, the designed structure could be of a wide interest through the detection of different biodiesels and liquids as well.