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Effects of Internet of things (IoT) on performance of agricultural in China: A case study
, Ramayah Thurasamy,

In this study, the effects of sustainable development of agricultural IoT are being investigated in 13 cities of Anhui province in China by Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and drivers-pressures-state-impact-response (DPSIR) models. The relevant theories are combined with agricultural IoT research, and an effective evaluation system is proposed. The main goals of this study are to recognize the essential parameters in the study of agricultural IoT; investigate the effects of the technological and economic environment of agricultural IoT. The sustainable development model and evaluation index system are combined with the driving force-state-response framework. The PCA algorithm is used for index value assignment. The scores of sustainable developments of agricultural IoT in each city of province A are calculated. In the balance ranking of sustainable development of agricultural IoT, city A ranks first with the driving force score of 0.233, the state score of 0.2, and the response score of 0.281. The results provided the data support for the investigation of supportable expansion of emerging industries in the economic globalization field.

Agriculture ChinaInternet of thingsagricultural efficiencysustainable development
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Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects
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