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Assessment of γ-radiation shielding behavior of some mixed nature clays
, Mayeen Uddin Khandaker,

Recently, clay materials have earned prominence as potential materials in the γ-radiation shielding and protection areas compared to other conventional materials. From this point, the present study is devoted to preparing a new composite of two types of clays, based on bentonite clay, as a natural, plentiful, and low-cost matrix. The chemical composition of prepared samples was indicated by Energy dispersive x-ray analysis (EDX). Morphology of clay samples was examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The SEM images showed that the homogeneity and porosity of a cross section of samples. Measurements of the γ-ray shielding performance was analyzed and determined at numerous γ-ray photon energies emitted from five point sources of γ-rays using NaI(Tl) scintillation detector. Thus, the linear attenuation coefficient (LAC) was calculated by obtaining area under each peak of the energy spectrum observed from Genie 2000 software in the presence and absence of the clay sample. The experimental results obtained were compared theoretically with XCOM software. The comparison was examined the validity of experimental results. The other dependent radiation shielding parameters on the LAC such as a half attenuator layer (HAL), mean free path (MFP), Transmission factor (TF), and the radiation absorption ratio (RAR) were measured. It was confirmed that the γ-ray shielding properties were enhanced by mixing two types of clay comparing with the individual one. Clay materials would be good applicants for use in construction and civil engineering, as well as in the fabrication of building materials used in medical and nuclear establishments.

mixed Clays Shielding SEMLAC and RAR
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Radiation Physics and Chemistry
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