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A Review on Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare
Eteka Sultana Tumpa, Krishno Dey,

Machine Learning has become a huge tendency in the modern and highly experienced technological purpose in the industry sector. The impact of Machine Learning [ML] techniques is witnessed in many areas like medical, industry and security sectors. ML has the potential to detect patterns from the data and also it has the ability to predict disease from medical information sources. This research study has reviewed many types of machine learning algorithms and some techniques in the methodology section is useful for developing healthcare applications. The proposed study also discusses how healthcare domain uses machine learning and its properties. This review paper is mainly considered as an overview of how machine learning is being used to further improve the healthcare sector by making it easier to diagnose and cure diseases too early and also reduce its cost. In this pandemic situation, everyone is working to improve the healthcare sector by using some of machine learning methods and techniques. Form the research literature, it observed that the the Machine Learning [ML] techniques can predict a huge change in the health sectors by making our daily lives more easier.

Industries, Machine learning algorithms, Costs, Pandemics, Machine learning, Medical services, Market research
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2022 6th International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Informatics (ICOEI)
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