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A Review On IDA∗ - Iterative deepening algorithm Heuristics Search
Shimul Sutradhar,

IDA* algorithm is a combination of A* and the IDDFS algorithm. This algorithm finds the shortest path. In this paper, we witness parallel computing. Multithreading is one of the most used and common parallel computing techniques. In this paper, I present some IDA* optimization based on parallel computing and another one is based on some characteristics. Firstly I present a brief introduction A*, IDDFS, and IDA* and the time complexity and growth of those algorithms. Then I discussed 3 optimizations from all the papers I have referenced. Those optimizations are PMIDA*, A*+IDA* and characteristics-based optimization. Then I illustrate the performance measurement table based on A*+ IDA* algorithm and PMIDA* visualization. Finally, I compare PMIDA*, A*+IDA*, and characteristics-based optimization optimizations. Among those optimizations, PMIDA* is the best in terms of parallel computing. The performance of the other two optimizations is also fairly decent.

admissible tree search, algorithm, distributed problem solving, esp, Heuristic, IDA, Iterative deepening, parallel search techniques
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2022 6th International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Informatics (ICOEI)
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