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A Robust and Accurate IoT-Based Fire Alarm System for Residential Use
Tanjil Hossain,

A fire alarm and smoke detection system detect fire, smoke, gas, temperature, and other factors in the surrounding area. The proposed system is designed to work with common flammable gases found in our environment, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This system has individual threshold values for each of those elements to determine whether or not any of those elements are raising an alarm. If gas, smoke, fire, and temperature are detected and exceed the threshold value, the system will check 5 times to see if the fire was detected or not. If a fire is detected, a message will be sent to the house’s owner to take immediate action; however, if the owner does not respond, another message will be sent to the fire department after some other checking of those elements’ current values after sending the message to the owner. If the environment is contaminated with smoke, LPG, or carbon monoxide (CO), the system will alert you to clear the area. The monitor continuously displays CO, smoke, and LPG values in parts per million (ppm) to show the current state of the surrounding environment.

Fire alarm and smoke detection system Gas detection Alarm Warning system Fire detection Smoke detection Gas detection
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