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Design Guidelines for Daylight Distribution in Design Studios in Dhaka: An Experiment on Wall-Color and Light-Shelf
Sabrina Rahman,

Light is a significant factor to accelerate creative productivity specially in architectural design studios, where students have to stay for a long period every day. Being a densely populated urban city, buildings in Dhaka experience insufficient daylight and architectural design studios also face the same. Artificial lighting can be an alternate solution to satisfy visual needs of the users, however it may be tiresome after long intervals and can create pressure on the overall energy demand. Since daylighting has psychological, physiological, and aesthetic benefits, the architectural features may also be explored by ensuring adequate daylight in design studios during various learning sessions. The objective of this study is to identify design guidelines for architectural design studios, located in Dhaka, by experimenting on two parameters, wall color and light shelf, which has not been investigated before.

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