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Diabetes Health Care Routine Using Machine Learning
Israt Jahan Eva, Abdus Sattar, Mariya Akter Mitu, Sayra Jannat Anika,

Day by day machine learning is getting its prominence. Recommending something using machine learning is a popular area for enthusiastic researchers. The recommendation system is getting more precise as days go by. In the medical industry, a recommendation system used vastly to recommend a good diet. A recommendation system would be a useful tool if we can make it for diabetes patients. As diabetes, patients need to follow diet plans and work out strictly. Diabetes patients need to control blood sugar in his or her bloodstream to stay healthy. Using machine learning for recommend food and workout plan is an effort to make a precise recommendation system for Bangladeshi diabetes patients. Various classification algorithm is use in this system to detect diabetes risk of the user as per his or her input. Such as, Decision tree, Naive Bayes and Support vector machine. After classify the diabetes risk the system will suggest some best diet plan and workout routine by query selection method.

Support vector machines , Industries , Machine learning , Medical services , Diabetes , Information and communication technology , Classification algorithms
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2022 1st International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies, ICEEICT 2022
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