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Flexible screen-printed amperometric sensors functionalized with spray-coated carbon nanotubes and electrodeposited Cu nanoclusters for nitrate detection
A K M Sarwar Inam,

In this work, we present a novel, sensitive, easy-to-fabricate, flexible amperometric sensor constituted by screen-printed silver (Ag) electrodes functionalized with a copper (Cu) film electrodeposited on top of a spray coated network of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). The Cu/SWCNTs/Ag electrode showed excellent catalytic activity towards the electro-reduction of nitrate ions at neutral pH with a significant increase in cathodic peak currents in comparison with the electrode without SWCNTs (Cu/Ag). The developed Cu/SWCNTs/Ag sensor showed a wide linear detection range from 0.5 μM to 6.0 mM (0.31 mg/l to 372.02 mg/l) with good sensitivity (18.39 μA/mM) and a calculated limit of detection (LOD) of 0.166 nM (10.29 μg/l). It also showed a good selectivity (maximum standard deviation (SD) was 3.25 μA) towards different interfering ions (Fe2+, Na+, Cu2+, SO42-, CH3COO-, Cl-, NO2- and HCO3-), as well as good reproducibility, mechanical durability, time and temperature stability. In real sample analysis (tap and river water), the sensor exhibited good agreement with the compared outcome of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) measurements, proving to be a promising analytical tool for the detection of nitrate in water.

Sensors , Electrodes , Temperature sensors , Surface treatment , X-ray scattering , Sensor phenomena and characterization , Ions
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IEEE Sensors Journal
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