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Design and Development of IoT based Automated Railway Level Crossing
Puja Bhowmik, Fahad Faisal, Jariatullah Khanam Sifat, Md. Shihab Mahmud, Shoriful Islam,
Unwanted railroad level crossing accidents appear to be occurring on a daily basis at the moment. According to studies, these incidents occur due to the officers in charge's or gatekeepers' and pedestrians' negligence during the level crossing. This haphazard manual system wastes time. Additionally, there is no prior system in place to prevent accidents if any vehicles or road users become stuck inside a railway crossing while the gate is closed. The primary goal of our work is to prevent undesirable accidents at railway level crossings and to reduce unnecessary time waste. This paper proposes a sensor-based system in which two sensors are used to detect the arrival and departure of the train, allowing the gate to open and close automatically. Another sensor detects any vehicles or humans stuck inside the gate and alerts the train operator via the GSM module. According to the information, the operator will take the necessary precautions to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Arduino Uno , Servo motor , Micro-controller , sim8001 GSM , Ultrasonic sensor
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2022 6th International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Informatics (ICOEI)
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