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Digitalization and Centralization of Medical Information and Patient History in Bangladesh
Md Nasim, Abdus Sattar, Ahmed Ragib Hasan, Shekh Abdullah- Al- Noman,

Some remote area samples are reviewed through both online response and physical survey, where the parameters and specific keywords constructed and novel updated data samples of the conducted survey regions are focused. Through the conducted survey and processed novel dataset, the percentage of dominant demographics common health issues, their treatment locations, their further treatment of doctor suggested treatment locations, the origination capabilities of physical medical documents, and many other parameters are concluded. This survey generated a decision where the larger demography expressed their recurring need to visit remote doctors and medical centers for treatment. Different sections of our survey report concluded that while visiting these remote medical centers, they have often failed to organize their medical history documents. These reports solidify the need for a digital patient history database and the centralization of this database for ease of access from any location or medical center, or doctor’s chamber. Our project has also shed some light on the software and technical architecture that could be the foundation of a centralized database for patients’ medical history.

Databases , Demography , Medical services , Computer architecture , Software , History
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2022 6th International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC)
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